A Jumble of Mind Paper

Hello again, Peoples of the Internet!!! It’s been a couple of days since I last posted on this here blog. An quite frankly, I am not really sure what to write about today. I thought about doing a review of Bloons Tower Defense 4 on the iPod, iPhone and iPad, but my blog isn’t really a blog about reviewing games. Than I though about writing about how tomorrow is the first day of school. But I didn’t want to join the herds of people writing about that. Plus, stuff about school is already on the micro-blogging awesomeness that is Twitter. So as you can see, I am in a bit of a writing predicament.

The analogy I see when picturing my “ideas” for blog posts are like people writing starting to write something down on a piece of paper, but then realizing that it is a bad idea, crumpling up the piece of paper and throwing it in the metal wired garbage can besides the unusually clean desk. So I guess all of my “ideas” are sort of mind paper. And after I have crumpled up these pieces of mind paper and thrown them into the trash, it has become a jumble of mind paper that is messing up the floor of my mind. Although the great thing about the act of crumpling and trashing, is that you can always retrieve and idea at a later point in time. Maybe, in the next 2 minutes, or maybe in the next 38 years. Unless of course you took the trash out, or in other words, forgot about one of your ideas. My gawd this is not exactly a jumble of mind paper, but a jumble of words on a screen. Or paper, if you took the time to print out this horrible blog post of mine.

Anyways, I should probably say something about something right about now…

I am adding a page onto my website called The Technological Hall of Fame, or the TTHOF for short. Anything of the technological nature that I think goes bend the known threshold of epicosity will be add to the list of things in the TTHOF page. So I guess that that is all I have to say today.

Good luck to those starting school. Good luck to those no longer in school. And Happy Monday to all of you, Peoples of the Internet. Keep being awesome.

That is all


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