WTF Kinda Post Is This?!??

Hello again, Peoples of the Internet! Welcome back to my blog! Just to let you know, the PROJECT CANVAS Teaser Pics page has been launched on my blog. The tab for it is in the top right corner of the standard site for my blog. I am also thinking of adding a Peoples of the Internet page, and I will let you know as soon as that is up. If you really want to stay up to date with all of my blog posts, follow me on Twitter. You will get access to all of my new blog posts and the links to all of my YouTube videos that I post on my YouTube Channel. So far these are the only social networks available to you, unless I know you personally, and than Facebook is an option. Anyways, I have said almost nothing during this post so I guess I had better start now…….

I went to a Detroit Tigers game yesterday. They were playing the Kansas City Royals. And Detroit……. lost. 9-5. It was complete bullshit. Bu it was a fun night, nonetheless. Nice to get out of the house again. I am starting vlogging in September (hopefully), and when (if, I hope) I get the iPhone 5 when it comes out, I should be vlogging more and more and more. So you have something to look forward too. Oh!

I just thought if it right now. I am going to create a Peoples of the Internet page on Facebook for you, the Peoples of the Internet to be able to go on and check on personal and “business” and my social media source outputs for new information and all the latest news and blogs and videos, etc. I will post the link here and on my Twitter.

And if you care, you will know that I have switched over from Tumblr to WordPress because of technical issues on Tumblr. I have spent the last couple of days looking over Tumblr, and I think I have found the issue. Some coding work had to be changed in the source code. Not anything too complicated, just hard to find. It was a link problem. Having links in posts messed it up I think, and I just had to add a couple of lines of code to make it work properly. I think it was also partially the theme I was using. Not sure. I had added code to the theme to try and add some effects, and I might have messed up the posting of shit, so I should stop testing around with decent code. I am sticking with WordPress because I like it way better. That’s just for you to know. I will still post links for new blog posts on WordPress on my Tumblr so that you Tumblr peoples can still find my new blog whenever I post a new post.

Now I am rambling, so I should stop now… Thanks for reading!

That is all


ImposterVlogs?!? That’s Precarious!

Peoples of the Internet!!! You’re back? That’s a surprise! Anyways, with Project Canvas coming along just fine, I have decided to launch another series starting in September. Now, the series is called ImposterVlog. And that is all that I can tell you right now. I am not even sure if I am going to do it, but I am definitely hoping to. The Rewind has yet to be cancelled, but it remains on the chopping block. I also wrote lyrics to a song 2 days ago, and I am looking at turning that into a video on posting it on my YouTube Channel. So the rest of 2011 is going to be a very busy rest of the year for me with tons of new videos, not to mention school work.

Once school begins, I am going to do my best to keep my blog updated with new posts, but posts may not be every day. Only time will actually tell. With all of the projects that I have on the go, it may be hard for you to follow them if they aren’t on my blog. I will be on Twitter with quick updates through out the time. So follow me there. And to make sure that you don’t miss any videos, subscribe to my YouTube Channel. That would be much appreciated. Thanks for reading. It really makes me feel warm inside. Share this blog with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social networks that you might be on. Thanks People of the Internet!

That is all/p>

P.S. A Peoples of the Internet page will get on my blog within in the next week, so watch for that.

That is all (again)

Nintendo: Runescape Is Coming To Nintendo Platforms (via My Nintendo News)

I cannot wait for this!

Nintendo: Runescape Is Coming To Nintendo Platforms The immensely popular free to play online game Runescape should be coming to Nintendo consoles in the not too distant future. Jagex, the development team behind the game has stated that they're planning to bring the game to Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo platforms. Fingers crossed that the game will be cross console compatible. … Read More

via My Nintendo News

I Can Dream… Right?

So, I came back from a week in Guelph a couple of days ago. It was a ice break from my everyday life. But I thought about it, and relaized that I only have 8 days until school starts up again here in wonderful Ontario. Honestly, this is really weird. Call me abnormal, but I just sorta expect that when I come back from somewhere doing something somewhere away from home during the summer, that I get at least 3 or 4 weeks of vacation more. But no… School is almost just a week away.

It’s been a relaxing summer, don’t get me wrong. One of the best summers so far. That may have something to do with the fact that I got an iPad 2 for my birthday, but still. It was a great summer. Making videos and posting them on my YouTube Channel has been sooo much fun, and I am going to try to continue that even with the mass amounts of school work. I need to do really well this year. Why? One word.


Now, I realize that this may be way out in dreamer land, but a person can dream. I’m sure you dream. Right? To be honest, I don’t think that I am smart enough to get a post secondary education, let alone go to one of the best universities on the planet. But again… I can dream.

So, as school nears, and work looms so near in the future, I might not be blogging as much as I would really like. Or I might, I don’t really know yet. But I will be on Twitter still, so follow me there, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Thanks, Peoples of the Internet. You really are great.

That is all

Changing Blog Location

Hello Peoples of the Internet! Welcome to!

After many problems with posts on Tumblr, I have decided to make a WordPress blog. I will post the link on my Tumblr to this blog whenever I have a new post up, so my Tumblr followers (or lack there of) can come to this WordPress blog and read the latest blog post. A real blog post will come soon.

That is all

Are YOU Familiar With Project Canvas?

Hello WordPress! Hello Tumblr people redirected to my new blog! Hello Peoples of the Internet! TodaY, I have a very simple question for all of you…

Are YOU familiar with Project Canvas?

Project Canvas is a new YouTube video that I have planned. I am currently in the prep stage, and have yet to start filming, but I will be filming before September 6th, if everything goes according to plan. If you follow me on Twitter, than you get the most up-to-date info on Project Canvas. To make sure you don’t miss Project Canvas, make you subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Don’t forget, follow and subscribe. Thanks!

That is all